5 reasons to go to Samaná

The province of Samana, which has its own airport, appeared on the tourist map a few years ago, when the Ministry of Tourism decided to promote the influx of visitors to this Dominican region that attracted the growing curiosity of hotel investors, but especially of independent travelers and lovers of adventure and pure nature destinations.

But what exactly is it that Samana has to conquer travelers and for many to end up thinking that it is the most beautiful place in the Dominican Republic? Well, above all, nature in abundance and the lifestyle of its inhabitants, simple, hospitable and quiet. All that and the highlights that we reveal below:

1. Cayo Levantado.

This island located off the bay of Samaná is usually one of the stops on the tour of Los Haitises. It is a small island whose land belongs to the National Park and offers the possibility of enjoying a lunch based on local specialties in the stalls located next to the public beach. It happens to be one of the most romantic corners of Samaná.

2. El Salto del Limón.

This famous waterfall is located in the interior of the Samaná mountain range and is one of the most photographed waterfalls in the Caribbean. The water falls from about 50 meters high and it forms a natural pool in its fall that allows you to take a refreshing dip. Salto del Limón can be reached by hiking, although most tourists opt for the excursion on horseback or mule, making their way through the lush vegetation.

3. Playa Rincón and Las Galeras.

A little more than half an hour from Santa Bárbara de Samaná, capital of the province, crossing the mountains and the local farms of cototeros and other crops, is one of the most famous sandy beaches in the Caribbean: Playa Rincón. There are several kilometers of fine, clear sand to stroll along the palm and coconut trees or relax in front of the ocean.

4. Las Terrenas.

Another old fishing village in the area that calls for a visit to enjoy the simplicity of life in Samaná and, incidentally, do some shopping for handicrafts and taste the fish with coconut sauce, which is the typical preparation in this region of the Dominican Republic.

5. Whale Museum

As Samaná is a natural sanctuary for whales, which come to its waters every year between January and March to give birth to their young, it is not surprising that there is also a Whale Museum in Santa Barbará that promotes the preservation of the species and the marine ecosystem. Its main attraction is the complete skeleton of a humpback whale.

Explore this Natural Treasure

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