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Can I drive to base camp?

Yes. If you own or rent a car you can drive to base camp. The road is 99% paved, and a 4×4 vehicle is not necessary. There are limited guarded parking spaces. Also, we can provide the base camp’s location upon request.

Do I need to have technical expertise for the hikes?

No. Although participants should be in good physical condition, these are non-technical treks —no special mountain climbing technics or equipment is employed–, however, previous hiking or trekking experience is welcome and useful.

Is there a climbing season in Dominican Republic? When’s the best time of the year for the hikes?

No. There is no climbing season. These summits can be attained all year round.

Should I do the Pico Duarte trip on 2.5 or 3.5 days?

The ideal itinerary for an enjoyable trip to Pico Duarte is 3.5 days. A 2.5 days trip is rushed, long, difficult and should only be attempted by very fit individuals whose main priority is the physical aspect of the hike. If you are on a tight schedule and only the 2.5 days itinerary is feasible for you, we recommend that you rent an additional riding mule per person. You will be glad you did that on the 28k (17.4 mi) hike down.

What temperatures can be expected?

The record low in La Compartición, the coldest place where we will spend the night, is -2 C (28 F). The record high during the day is 38C (100 F), mid day, in the middle of the summer.

Are there poisonous plants or dangerous animals in the Dominican Republic?

No. There are no lethally poisonous plants or dangerous animals in the Dominican Republic. There are some plants that if you come in contact with them a skin rash might develop, nothing our paramedic can’t handle.

What is the difference between the Econo and VIP menu?

The VIP menu has more items per meal. For example, the Econo breakfast consists of mashed potatoes, scrambled eggs, hot chocolate and coffee; the VIP breakfast includes that and also bacon, breakfast sausages, cheese, fresh fruits, corn flakes, bread and jelly. I just got hungry…

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