3 cities you cannot miss on your route to Pedernales

Visit Baní, Azua and Barahona on your trip to Pedernales. Discover the Bahia de las Aguilas and explore the south of the Dominican Republic!

Exploring the South of the Dominican Republic is a memorable experience for those who prefer an environment of sun, sand and lots of heat.

In this article we will discover 3 stops that can not be missed on your trip to the southern part of the country, let’s start.

First stop, Baní a tourist destination full of color and flavor The Banileja community is known by the locals as mangolandia or the land of the mango for its famous Mango Festival, it is also popular for its sweets especially the majarete and you can find many handicrafts produced by the local community.

What to do in Baní? In this tour I invite you to visit the Perelló Cultural Center, a place where a great cultural, historical, economic and administrative heritage of the province of Peravia is preserved.

Continuing on our tour of the southern part of the country, you can not miss the opportunity to visit the Bay of Las Calderas, which houses a military base, a yacht club, a small marina and fishing port, the beach of Punta Salinas and the impressive Dunes, the largest in the Caribbean.

The bay is of great ecological and scientific interest with many species of birds, sea turtles, mollusks, fish, flamingos and iguanas.

Discover the impressive salt mine right in front of Salinas beach, learn about all the processes involved in the extraction of sea salt and take advantage of the spectacular view to take pictures to remember.

Further on you will find Punta Las Salinas Beach where you can take a dip and enjoy this beach of fine black sand and water activities.

A tour of history and culture in Azua de Compostela

Following the southern route, you will find the province of Azua, which although it is not an important tourist center, has a beauty that enchants those who visit it.

Caobita beach is known for its exuberant nature, its mangroves and its extensive coral reef that make this beach a paradise, being there you can do water sports, diving and snorkeling.

Barahona: a Caribbean treasure that will surprise you with its exuberant beauty

After traveling several hours by bus, the next stop is Barahona, a place that enchants by the diversity of natural scenery, a place where beaches, mountains and rivers are combined, resulting in a dreamed paradise.

Unmissable places to visit in Barahona The San Rafael Beach of rough waters, where young people have fun with the coming and going of its waves, where the San Rafael River flows into the cold waters are dammed forming pleasant pools of crystal clear water that cause an invigorating bath.

After a dip in the cold waters of the San Rafael River and a warm up in the rough waters of the beach, you can continue the tour making a mandatory stop at the Mirador Paraiso, where you can take nice pictures from the hill, and enjoy the spectacular view of the San Rafael beach and the river next to the mountain.

Windmill Stop, this is a modern wind farm called Los Cocos, which you can see from far away, we recommend you to stop here to take some different pictures of the Dominican Republic, especially at sunset, to capture the beautiful contrast of the orange sky and the blades of the windmills.

Discover the hidden jewel of Pedernales: a must-see destination during your visit to the Dominican Republic.

After having traveled some 246 kilometers, we have finally arrived in Pedernales, a hidden gem in the south of the Dominican Republic, where you will have the opportunity to immerse yourself in its crystal clear beaches, explore its impressive caves, admire its rich biodiversity, get to know the culture and hospitality of its people and enjoy the delicious local cuisine.

What places to visit? Bahía de las Águilas is a pristine beach located within the Jaragua National Park, its ivory-colored sand and crystal clear emerald waters will leave you speechless once you get there through a boat ride with a spectacular rocky karst landscape that hugs the beach along the entire coast.

The route to Pedernales is an experience worth living, as it has impressive tourist destinations that captivate visitors with its natural beauty, dreamy beaches, delicious cuisine and rich culture. Without a doubt, it is worth exploring this hidden gem in the south of the Dominican Republic.

Discover the natural beauty of Pedernales in this exciting tour, join us in the adventure and live an unforgettable experience on the road to this earthly paradise!

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