Refresh yourself in the Dominican Alps

The Dominican Alps, with Pico Duarte as a highlight, are ideal for hiking. Jarabacoa, at its base, offers water activities and a complete cultural experience.

In addition to its tropical beaches and typical tourist attractions, the Dominican Republic has the best kept secret in the Caribbean: the Cordillera Central, also known as the Dominican Alps. Its name is due to its imposing mountain ranges, low temperatures, natural attractions and recreational activities. It is a perfect getaway for those who admire the beauty of nature, mountains, exciting adventures and outdoor activities. The Dominican Alps are considered a paradise for hiking and mountain lovers. It has the best hiking trails in the Dominican Republic.

Pico Duarte, the Everest of the Caribbean

For starters, the Cordillera Central is home to the famous Pico Duarte, known as the highest mountain in the Caribbean, at 3,087 meters. Weather can vary. It can be cold, down to below 0 degrees Celsius in the highest parts of the mountain. Depending on the time of year, heavy rains can fall. In other words, a perfect place to practice mountain hiking, escape the tropical temperatures and discover beautiful landscapes.

The mountain is home to diverse fauna, pine trees, ferns, water springs and many more natural wonders. Hiking the Pico Duarte is undoubtedly an enriching experience that will bring you closer to nature and show you the hidden beauty and variety of landscapes of the Dominican Republic. However, a certified guide is required to climb the mountain.

Already excited? PicoDarteTours offers a wide variety of excursions. Our guides will take you to the top of the mountain, give you meaningful information about the landscape and provide meals. See our website for more details.

Other mountains in Cordillera Central

Can’t get enough of hiking in the Dominican Republic? Don’t worry, the Cordillera Central consists of more mountains perfect for hiking, including the 2nd, 3rd and 4th highest mountains in the Caribbean. La Pelona, at 3,086 meters, La Rusilla (2,861 m) and Pico Yaque (2,724 m). These mountains are perfect alternatives to Pico Duarte.

An outdoor adventure in the mountain village of Jarabacoa

Jarabacoa is a mountain village located at the foot of the Dominican Alps. It is known for its cool temperatures of 22 degrees Celsius all year round, its beautiful rivers, its pine forests and its green landscape. Jarabacoa is located in the Vega Valley and is surrounded by four major rivers: Yaque del Norte, Jimenoa, Guanajuma and Baiguate. It is without a doubt another great place to escape from the beach tourist attractions.

There are endless things to do in Jarabacoa. Think of water activities such as rafting, canoeing, swimming, visiting waterfalls and paragliding. It is a perfect place for leisure and outdoor activities. In addition, Jarabacoa also has a wonderful cultural side with restaurants, bars, local nightlife and a coffee factory.

So if you are looking for an adventurous and active getaway with lots of outdoor activities, Jarabacoa is the perfect place.

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